Meeting Minutes

Smart Meeting App

Company Executives consider 64% of meetings as unproductive. Minutes will shortcut overhead meeting costs up to 70%.

We are currently working on:

Current Application Features

Minutes Cloud

Minutes is a cloud based smart meeting App. Minutes generates cloud reports for management, meeting minutes for employees, and provides social app for attendees.  All minutes can be exported in PDF.

Minutes App

Project teams and employees can use phone App during meeting to tag distractors. Minutes App will identify in Realtime meeting leaders, chatterboxes, off-topic or pointless conversations. 

Actions and Decisions Tags

A script is able to tag actions like tasks and people responsible for them. Moreover, script can tag tasks and decisions made in meeting. All attendees can see lists of decisions and actions related to them on home screen

Live writing

Online meeting minutes are available via active meeting links in real time. Live and online attendees can see scriber making notes by live indicator in presentation screen. They are able to create and reply comments to minutes in real time.

Pricing and Licenses

There will be three variants of monthly fees according to number of users: small companies with more than 4 users shall pay € 7/user, medium enterprises with 100+ users shall pay € 4/user and large companies alongside with corporates with 250+ users shall pay € 1/user.